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Our Story

At Sage Designs L.A., we understand that choosing fine jewelry is always a special and happy occasion, but can also be nerve wracking. That is why we are committed to providing our customers with top quality fine jewelry that are unique in design and flare with excellence in every way. Customer service is also our top priority as we want to make sure you're 100% confident in what you are buying. We often have customers who apologize for asking a lot of "dumb" questions, as they put it. We want you to know that there are no "dumb" questions when it comes to learning and understanding fine jewelry, so ask away! Feel free to ask as many questions as you need.

We are a family owned and run jewelry wholesale company based in the heart of the Jewelry District in Downtown Los Angeles with experience since 1991. In 2008, we took our designs straight to retail customers online with wholesale prices- rather than having our customers spend nearly twice as much at a retail store. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with satisfied, loyal customers who demand the best service and top of the line quality fine jewelry at superb prices.

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