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Spring into love this year with our signature collection of unique diamond jewelry.    This Spring, we’re influenced by soft and subtle pastel pallettes- warm and tropical rich palettes, and gorgeous rich jewel tones.     For our Pastel Palette, shop our collection of Pink Opal jewelry. The soft, pink beauty of natural hand-cut opals in 14k rose gold with white diamonds is simply irresistible.       Or go Totally Tropical in our vibrant green garnet jewels!     Gorgeous statement jewel tone pieces are sure to dazzle and delight in evening wear. Bathe in stardust with natural Lapis Lazuli Diamond pendants and rings in 14k solid gold.    Glitter with real gold star jewelry, embedded with the highest quality diamonds.   Shop our Spring 2018 Collection today!  

Tourmaline comes in many colors; greens, pinks, reds, blues, purples, and black. Tourmaline represents wholesome heart energy.

Pink tourmaline is considered a poets stone. 

In the early 1700s, Tourmaline was the first stone to be discovered to have pyroelectric properties, and is even used in technology today. 

Do you own any tourmaline jewelry? 


What do you think of when someone says Diamond? Most people imagine a round, white stone with rainbow sparkles. But did you know that diamonds can naturally form in many other colors? This miracle of nature is nothing short of amazing. Most natural diamonds get their color due to chemical impurities in the ground when the diamond is forming. And so, there is a spectrum of colors that a diamond can form into. Laboratories have a list of 27 color grades to use when describing the exact color of a diamond. And usually- the more intense the color, the more expensive the diamond. Colored diamonds are called Fancy color diamonds, and come in a rainbow of possibilities.

So, what colors do diamonds naturally form in? A natural diamond can form Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple, Brown, Grey, Green, Black or anywhere in between! Each color indicates a different chemical process occurred while the diamond was forming.

Let's take a look at how diamonds get their color!

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Purchasing a diamond for the first time might feel like a challenge. There are so many questions to ask about these brilliant rocks- you might find yourself wondering “What cut is that?” “How many carats is that?” “Is it a REAL diamond?”

With thousands of options for diamonds on the market, it’s no surprise that a huge number of fake diamonds are sold alongside the real deal. So whether you're at a yard sale, an antique store, or a professional jewelers, you want to make sure the stone you take home is a certified diamond.

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Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. A Diamond’s “cut’ refers to the Diamond’s shape. The cut has the biggest impact on how the diamond will capture and reflect light. With so many cuts to choose from, we wanted to create a simple guide featuring the Top 9 Diamond Cuts.

Every cut has a unique way of presenting the brilliance and clarity of your precious stone. Use this guide to chose the best cut that suits your taste.

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