Guide for Diamond Cuts

Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. A Diamond’s “cut’ refers to the Diamond’s shape. The cut has the biggest impact on how the diamond will capture and reflect light. With so many cuts to choose from, we wanted to create a simple guide featuring the Top 9 Diamond Cuts.

Every cut has a unique way of presenting the brilliance and clarity of your precious stone. Use this guide to chose the best cut that suits your taste.




The most traditional cut for diamonds and gemstones is the Round Cut. Roughly 100 years ago, this style was invented by using specific cuts to use light to show off the brilliance and fire within a gemstone. See our selection of Round Cut diamonds here.


The Asscher Cut is a new, but extremely popular cut, featuring intricate and unique facets. It is nearly identical to a Rectangle Cut, but it is square in shape. This shape highlights the clarity of the diamond and makes a stone look simply dazzling. See our selection of Asscher Cut diamonds here.


The Emerald Cut features a diamond cut in the shape of a large rectangle, with a large flat table and step cuts in the sides. But this cut is not for brilliance - the large, flat style creates a mirror effect with light and darkness dancing inside of the beautiful diamond. It is absolutely mesmerizing. See our selection of Emerald Cut diamonds here. 


The Oval Cut was created in the 60s and is a modified brilliant cut. This cut is similar in brilliance and fire to the Round Cut, with the added benefit of appearing larger due to the oval shape. See our selection of Oval Cut diamonds here.


The Marquise Cut is a football shaped, brilliant style diamond. This Cut has one of the largest crown sizes compared to the other cuts, and it maximizes carat weight, so you will have a very brilliant piece at a great carat weight. See our selection of Marquise Cut diamonds here.


The Pear Cut, also known as the Tear Drop, is a combination of Round and Marquise Cut. It is a brilliant cut with deep glowing fire. This style is always worn with the narrow end pointing toward the hand of the bearer. This gives the ring a slimming affect on the hand of the wearer. See our selection of Pear Cut diamonds here.


The Radiant Cut is just that- absolutely radiant. It features a gorgeous rectangular shape with a complete brilliant cut on the crown and pavilion, creating a lively and brilliant sparkle. See our selection of Radiant Cut diamonds here.


The Princess Cut was introduced in 1980 and is the most popular Fancy Diamond cut for engagement rings. The Princess Cut has a signature square shape with facets that look like an inverted pyramid. The Princess Cut comes in second to the Round Cut for brilliance and fire. See our selection of Princess Cut diamonds here.


The name implies the shape of this cut. A symbol of eternal love, the diamond is cut into the shape of a heart with a modified brilliant cut. Heart Cut diamonds look best if they’re above 1 carat because smaller diamonds lose the detail in the shape. This is a popular choice for Solitaire and Engagement rings. See our selection of Heart Cut diamonds here.