What do you think of when someone says Diamond? Most people imagine a round, white stone with rainbow sparkles. But did you know that diamonds can naturally form in many other colors? This miracle of nature is nothing short of amazing. Most natural diamonds get their color due to chemical impurities in the ground when the diamond is forming. And so, there is a spectrum of colors that a diamond can form into. Laboratories have a list of 27 color grades to use when describing the exact color of a diamond. And usually- the more intense the color, the more expensive the diamond. Colored diamonds are called Fancy color diamonds, and come in a rainbow of possibilities.

So, what colors do diamonds naturally form in? A natural diamond can form Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red, Orange, Purple, Brown, Grey, Green, Black or anywhere in between! Each color indicates a different chemical process occurred while the diamond was forming.

Let's take a look at how diamonds get their color!

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