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Set Ascending Direction

Purchasing a diamond for the first time might feel like a challenge. There are so many questions to ask about these brilliant rocks- you might find yourself wondering “What cut is that?” “How many carats is that?” “Is it a REAL diamond?”

With thousands of options for diamonds on the market, it’s no surprise that a huge number of fake diamonds are sold alongside the real deal. So whether you're at a yard sale, an antique store, or a professional jewelers, you want to make sure the stone you take home is a certified diamond.

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Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. A Diamond’s “cut’ refers to the Diamond’s shape. The cut has the biggest impact on how the diamond will capture and reflect light. With so many cuts to choose from, we wanted to create a simple guide featuring the Top 9 Diamond Cuts.

Every cut has a unique way of presenting the brilliance and clarity of your precious stone. Use this guide to chose the best cut that suits your taste.

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Set Ascending Direction
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